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Have you thought about changing careers?

A recent report from Gas Safe has found that the median age of registered gas engineers is 55 meaning that in the next 10 years, there is going to be a severe shortage of gas engineers.

Have you thought about a possible change in careers?

Why not enter the Gas Industry?

With potential earnings of around £30,000 – £40,000 for new entrants

The Managed Learning Programme is the perfect course for new entrants into the gas industry.

Why the Managed Learning Programme?

The Managed Learning Programme (MLP) was designed and implemented to replace the old APL, which was a quick way into the gas industry, but this led to inadequately trained engineers working on gas appliances.

The MLP incorporates a much more in-depth training programme, which covers health and safety as well as all the relevant gas modules.

The training programme is 4 – 5 weeks at our centre where you will be taught by our knowledgeable trainers, and then you will be required to complete a portfolio with a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

What is involved in the work placement?

As part of the MLP, you are required to complete a portfolio. This portfolio is completed on-site under the direct supervision of a Gas Safe Registered engineer. The Energy Academy will provide you with the Logic Certification portfolio that gives you the format of how your reports should be presented.

You are required to provide evidence and write up reports of jobs that you have completed. This evidence can include witness statements and photographs that will be signed off by the supervising engineer.

What if I am unable to secure a work placement?

If you are unable to secure a supervised work placement, then we at the Energy Academy will help you as we have connections with local businesses that may be able to assist us by offering you a placement. Please note that there may be an additional charge for this placement. This would be assessed on an individual basis.

Why should I choose the Energy Academy?

We understand the MLP is a massive investment into your future, and we will be there to help you, not only through the MLP but also moving forward as you progress into your gas career.

We have top trainers who will make sure that you understand everything that is being taught to you. If there are certain areas that you may be struggling in, then we will take the time to work with you to go over them until you are happy.

We have brand new excellent training facilities with a range of appliances that will allow a lot of hands-on training, which, although the theory side must also be covered, we feel that candidates will learn better with practical learning.

What are the finance options?

As previously mentioned, we understand that the MLP is a large investment in your future. The Energy Academy offers different financial packages to help. This would be down to individual circumstances and requirements, so please come and talk to us so that we can discuss your options.

So, what next?

The first thing would be to book one of our open days so that you can come down to look around the facilities, meet the team, learn more about the course and, most importantly, ask any questions you have before committing to the course.

To book one of our open days, please contact us on 0345 521 0369 or email us.

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