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Gas Safety Awareness in Social Housing / Residential Properties​

This regulated qualification is for learners working within the Social Housing sector such as landlords, carers and maintenance staff that have a need to be aware of gas safety matters affecting their residents and that wish to

  • Update and continuing their professional development (CPD)
  • Develop their knowledge and understanding in order to gain recognition at a higher level
  • Prepare for further learning or training.

This course is for 1 day

  • Know the types of gas used in domestic dwellings and the requirements for correct combustion
  • Understand the effects that Carbon Monoxide can have on the human body,
  • Know how Carbon Monoxide detectors should be used to reduce the risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning,
  • Know how to identify the signs of an appliance which has combustion/flue/ventilation problems,
  • Understand the requirements for landlords under the Gas Safety Regulations,
  • Understand the requirements placed upon gas installers to work legally in domestic properties,
  • Understand the actions necessary in the event of an escape of gas or report of fumes


Multiple choice written questions (Invigilated)

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