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Tools of the Trade: What It Takes to Be the Best

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Trade professions play an essential role in society today and will do into the future. With these skills always in demand, it is important that you enhance your skills and aspire to be the best. By following these steps and continually seeking to improve, you can achieve excellence in your trade and build a successful and fulfilling career.

Mastering your craft

The best way to show that you care and are passionate about what you do is to work on always improving your technical skills and knowledge, so that you are able to do the best job possible. According to ECN* 70% of work comes from recommendations and existing relationships, so it is possible to do well within your trade just from doing a good job – no fancy marketing or sales required! With trade professions there will always be new developments in technology and techniques to help you carry out your work to the highest standards, so it is important to stay updated.

Safety first

It is very important to keep strict safety guidelines to ensure the safety of yourself and others. Safety should be a top priority at work and being a tradesperson that is known for their commitment to safety builds a trustworthy reputation. Research from Salesforce** shows that 60% of customers consider improving trustworthiness to be a major need for most companies. So, if your customers can trust you to carry out a job safely, it will put their minds at ease. Make sure to keep up to date in the latest safety training qualifications to ensure that you properly follow any safety regulations.  

Good communication

Good communication skills are key within a trade role, both with customers and other co-workers. You need to be able to listen to the customers’ needs and explain any complicated jobs in simpler terms for customers to understand what work you are carrying out. It is also crucial to be able to relay specific project details to other co-workers and any important instructions that would help prevent any harmful risks.

Attention to detail

To ensure that your job is done at a high standard you need a strong eye for detail. If you finish every task to the best of your ability it will show customers that they can trust you and will minimise any mistakes that could be costly!

Building a strong work ethic

If you are looking for a long career within your trade that gives you job satisfaction a strong work ethic will help to develop a positive reputation with your customers and within the local community. Strive to be well-known for your hard work and integrity by being punctual, reliable and professional when at work.

Customer service skills

Your reputation as a skilled trades worker will also depend on what customer service skills you have. If you are friendly, polite and willing to address any customer concerns promptly, it will show that you care about the work that you are doing. Building this trust with your customers will in turn result in repeat business. In the Salesforce*** research 78% of people will forgive a company for a mistake after receiving excellent customer service, so if you keep up the high-quality customer service, customers will be more likely to be understanding if things don’t go to plan!


Another important attribute to have is to be able to adapt to any new challenges that come your way. There will always be times where things don’t go to plan and you need to understand that sometimes your approach may not be working. It is how you adapt your technique and work that is important. Being able to embrace change and any updates within your trade means that you will more likely be able to resolve any new challenges that come your way.

Continual learning and professional development

Trade professions are always evolving so there is always something to learn to improve your skills. Continuous learning is key in staying relevant within your trade, as well as ensuring that your work is of the highest standard and keeping your customer satisfaction level high. Seeking feedback from customers whether that is good or bad, lets you know which areas you need to improve in and what is working well for you. You can improve your skills with trade-standard certifications to keep your skillset up to date.  

Whether you are just getting started in your career as an engineer, or have worked in your trade for years, there are always ways to upgrade your skills! Here at the Energy Academy we deliver excellent training that covers the theory that is required. We also provide as much practical training as possible because we know that many professionals learn from using their hands. So, regardless of what skills you would like to improve, we are likely to have something to suit your needs.

At the Energy Academy we are firm believers in ensuring that all of our potential candidates understand what is involved in our courses and the cost. You can view further information on our courses here or if you would like to speak to someone, please use the live chat or give us a call on 0345 521 0369.



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