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Being able to offer added value for your customers is important. In the world we currently live in, energy costs have increased by £693 per year* so energy saving tips are a big topic.

With everyone currently trying to save as much money as possible, being able to advise your customers on things they can do within their homes to help will be appreciated. Below we list 6 energy savings tips which you could pass onto your customers with the figures of what they may be able to save if they carry them out.

Have a quick shower

Your customer could save up to £180 per year if they are a four person household and cut one minute each off of their shower time!**

Turn down the thermostat

Encourage them to wrap up warm and watch the temperature on their thermostat. The World Health Organisation suggests keeping your home at a minimum temperature of 18 degrees. For every degree they turn their heating down they can save around £65 per year.** 

Turn everything off at the plug

We are all guilty of leaving everything switched on at the plug! Promote changing habits and they could save up to £40 a year.**

Use a smart meter

By using a smart meter they can track their energy usage. A huge 86% of people have reported that by using a smart meter they have changed their habits around their homes.***

Less washing and no tumble dryer

Making sure they fill their washing machine up and not using your tumble dryer could save you up to £50 a year.

Only fill the kettle up with what you need

Guilty of overfilling your kettle? Your customer could be wasting around £20 a year!**** Each year we use around 6% of our energy usage by using a kettle according to the Guardian.

Whilst none of these changes alone will save your customer a huge sum of money, changing a few habits the savings will soon add up. Smart thermostats are also a great way to help your customers control their heating usage. Ensuring your customers know you have their best interests at the heart of what you do will give them the confidence to use your services.


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